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  3. From 1990 to the present, all fabricated Fender amplifiers have a date code. This is printed on the quality assurance sticker (QA) on the back of the amplifier chassis. Where to find the serial/chassis number On older models, the serial number is punched on the right side of the chassis. More recent models are have a sticker. If you want to know the production year of Fender amplifier, you can decipher it with the serial number decoder
  4. All Fender amplifiers, manufactured after 1989 include a date code on the amplifier. This code is located on the QA (Quality Assurance) sticker, which may be found on the back of the amp chassis

In addition to A23373, it appears the stamping machine stuck on serial number A23378 as four distinct amps with this number has been reported. Could it be the machine also got stuck on A23374, -75, -76, and -77? These have not been observed or reported so the answer remains unknown. Fender had a big transitional year for their amps in 1960 Fender amplifiers from around 1953 until 1969 almost always have a two letter ink stamp that indicates the year and month the amp was assembled. You can find the tube chart by looking in the back of the amp on the left or right wall. This is one of the easiest ways to determine when a vintage Fender amp was made Fender guitars produced in Japan have the serial number on the back of the neck, near the attachment to the body. In some reissue models it can be found on the headstock or the neck plate. The combination of the text Made in Japan and the serial number was used until 1997

there used to be a link on the Fender website for amp dating from the serial numbers. However Superior Music has done a really good summary and here is a link to their website. This will enable you to figure out the year your amp was made.Link ==> Superior Music - Fender Amp, Amplifier Serial Numbers Up to 1981, Fender's serial numbers were genuinely serial within one amp type. Thus, for a given amp (say, the 5E1 Tweed Champ) they started with a definite number, in this case C00001, and just kept adding '1' for each new Tweed Champ until the model was discontinued - in this case approximately C23000 nine years later (info from Greg Gagliano) Fender. Enter Serial Number eg. Z512345. The Fender serial number decoder currently supports all documented MIA, MIJ, MIM, MIK and MII formats with the exception of Custom Shop, Relic and Reissue instruments. Please note that fender serial numbers tend to overlap by at least a year, and thereby the date of your guitar can only be approximated Fender's amps are not tracked like their guitars by the serial number. In order to date your Fender amp or provide you the value I need to know one of the below; * 2 letter date code on the Tube Chart, * 2 letter date code on the QA Sticker, o There are a number of possible locations for the serial number on a Fender guitar. These include the top of the neck plate, somewhere on the headstock, on the bridge plate or the back of the neck near the body. Enter the Fender's serial number and select if your guitar was made in USA, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Indonesia or China

Unlike serial numbers used for most Fender guitars and basses, we know that serial number sequences are unique to a particular model or a family of models of amplifiers. This is similar to the early '50s Telecaster and Precision Bass having their own unique serial number system The Code on the tube chart of your Fender Amp is made up of two letters. The First letter equates to the Year and the Second letter to the Month. Reissue amps also use stamped Date Codes. Examples of Hand Stamped Date Codes. QA=Jan 1967 CG=Jul 1992 Reissu Where to Find the Serial Number on Your Fender Guitar? The location of the serial number has annoyingly changed from model to model over the years. So where do you find it? Locations include: At the top of the neck plate; On the front or at the back of the headstock; On the cover plate of the vibrato (on Stratocasters Another way to get a close estimate of when your amp was made is to read the codes on the transformers. Most post tweed Fenders had trannys manufactured by Schumacher. They used a code like this: 606 - 645 The date is in the last three digits, after the 606 - Register your Fender: 3 quick steps

Date and possibly help figure out what is and is not original to your vintage fender amplifier!Guitar Medi This method can get you there, but it has its pitfalls Fender was sold to CBS in January 1965. Serial numbering didn't change immediately because instruments continued to be made using existing, tooling, parts and serial number schemes. The chart below details Fender serial number schemes used from 1965 to 1976. Notice that there is quite a bit of overlap in numbers and years Neither the date nor the value can be determined from the serial number. Fender's amps, unlike their guitars, are not tracked by the serial number. In order to date a Fender amp or provide the value, you need to know one of the below: * The 2 letter date code rubber stamped on the Tube Chart, o Fender Japan serial numbers can usually be found on the back of the neck near the neck joint. Though examples also exist with the number on the headstock or the neck-plate in the case of certain early reissue models. Up until 1997, the serial was paired with the words Made in Japan

I purchased a 212 130 Music Man amp in 1973 at the age of 14. It has serial number 76 on it and I was told that they were numbered sequentially.. After college I sold it to my best friend who kept it for 6 years when I contacted him and offered to buy it back. Thank god I did The only sure-fire way to date a Fender Bassman is by matching serial schemes. Find the tube chart located in the back of your amplifier. The tube chart is a diagram detailing what kind of tubes are installed in your amplifier. It will usually be printed on a 4- by 4-inch sticker placed near the tubes in your amp The Fender serial number decoder currently supports all documented MIA, MIJ, MIM, MIK and MII formats with the exception of Custom Shop, Relic and Reissue instruments. Please note that fender serial numbers tend to overlap by at least a year, and thereby the date of your guitar can only be approximated I collect Rivera-era Fender serial numbers for an amp dating / how-many-did-they-make project and if anyone would like to let me know their amp's serial number I will date it for you. Transformer and/or speaker codes would help. Post it here or email at stratopastor(at)hotmail(dot)com best wishes SP . T. tralfax1964 Brief Fender Amp History 1909 - Leo is born, a perfect pitch b bending to a c is heard when his umbilical cord is plucked and stretched to approx. 25 inches! 1938 - Leo opens Fender Repair Service. 1945 - Joins with Doc Kauffman to sell amps for lap steel and lap steels themselves (under K&F). 1946 - Fender Electric Instruments Co. is born

10) Fender Amps Serial Numbers: How To Date Your Amp. Portsmouth, Oxford or Southend, to check our massive selection of Fender gear. Serial Number: There is no information readily available for dating Fender amps by serial number but there are people working on it. Check out this Google search for more resources From 1952 through the spring of 1954, Fender produced approximately 660 model 5B6 Bassman amplifiers (serial numbers #0001-0660). [citation needed]The earlier cabinets have been called 'TV Front' designs,with a front panel that had a rectangular grill cloth with rounded corners and looked much like a television of that era How to date and identify your Fender instruments using serial numbers and production date stamps. No one likes it when you forget their birthday and neither does your Fender. Well, don't despair. For most of Fender's production history they have applied serial numbers and production dates that can help you determine their production date [ Fender Guitars | Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitars, Amps, Pro Audio

The latest music equipment and instruments. Free UK delivery on eligible orders Dating Fender amps and speakers. Our Buyer's guide to vintage Fender amps explains in detail how you can date your amp by looking at serial numbers, tube charts, transformer codes, speaker codes, Fender logo, etc. Lots of different speakers were used in the blackface and silverface era Fender amps. In a BF Vibrolux Reverbs you could have. Take a look at this '62 Fender Princeton Amp, and you'll see that exact speaker, as well as the typical Schumacher transformers (EIA 606) used in Fender amplifiers. Serial Number ranges from amplifiers made between the late '40s - late '70s: Bandmaster 5C7, 5D7 (tweed) 0001 to 0800 - 1953 5000 to 5500 - 1954. Bandmaster 5E7 (tweed If the serial number has an additional D in front of the Z=DZ1, then the guitar is a US Deluxe Series Model. Serial Numbers 1000000-1099999 are guitars from the Early 2010 period. 2000+ American Deluxe Series, Corona USA. US+7 digits is late 2010-11. DZ+6 digits. The 1st Digit is the year (DZ912345=American Deluxe, 2009, Corona USA) DZ+7 digits

Fender never had such records that would date an amp by the serial number. They used the two letter code from 1951 through about April, 1967. Starting with the silverface amps in April, 1967, Fender ceased using the two letter code Fender Amp Serial Number Lookup As a result, there are a lot of amps out there that may look original, but are not. Yes, just as with vintage Fender guitars that get the partocaster treatment, Fender amps are suffering the same fate Serial Number: There is no information readily available for dating Fender amps by serial number but there are people working on it.Check out this Google search for more resources.. Circuit Code: In 1963 Fender stoped using model numbers to identify schematics and began using the model name and an assigned circuit number. These circuit numbers which are located on the tube chart can be usefull.

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The Hot Rod Deluxe is possibly the best-selling Fender guitar amplifier of all time. There have been a number of incarnations (including a current LTD lacquered-tweed limited edition, with a run of just 250 units), but if you have an older amp (pre-2003), the easiest way to determine the production date is to look at the chart below Discussion: Serial number dating on new Fender amps. (too old to reply) blastula. 2006-06-25 11:37:36 UTC. Permalink. I'm looking on eBay at serial numbers for Pro Junior the model, and. they never seem to correspond at all to Fender's serial number legend. (included on their website) At many points in Fender's history, serial number usage overlapped again owing to the modular manner of production. Below we'll go into detail about the various serial number schemes employed by Fender as far back as 1950. Serial numbers on those JBL's and on the Sunn amp won't do you any good Fender recommends dating unstamped amps by the EIA number on the transformers. The format is always EIA 606-Y-XX or 606-YY-XX where Y indicates the year (196Y/197Y or 19YY respectively) and XX the week. Try the serial number. Dating by serial number, while less accurate, can be of some use. Stamped on the metal backing of most amps is the.

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  1. The Fender 20W R.A.D. Amp was made from 1990 to 1996 and has a current listed resale value of: Exc. Cond: $60.00 to $80.00 USD. Ave. Cond: $35.00 to $50.00 USD. $150.00 is way out of line..
  2. DATING EARLY FENDER AMPLIFIERS Dating early Fender amplifiers is sometimes quite challenging. While dating Fender amps made before 1994 by serial number is all but impossible (as records of these numbers were never kept), all hope is not lost—the charts below should prove helpful in dating your Fender amp
  3. Fender Serial Numbers, 1950 to Present (Identifying the Year). Serial numbers compiled from several sources including myself, Gruhn, and Duchossoir. It should be clearly stated that Fender serial numbers ARE NOT definitively chronological. That is, there's lots of overlap between years

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  1. Serial No. A-00752, Chassis Number A-00752, with a tape label inside the chassis inscribed Cesar Diaz 10-10-1986, top control style open-back cabinet with tweed covering, metal plate stamped Fender Twin Amp, brown grille cloth, leather handle, chrome-plated chassis with five black 'chicken head' style rotary controls, two toggle switches, voltage selector, four jack inputs, red jewel pilot.
  2. Dating Mexican Made Fender Instruments from Fender.com. Fender began producing instruments in its Ensenada, Mexico, factory in 1990. Instruments made between 1990 and 2000 carry MN prefix serial numbers, with the M designating Mexico and the N designating the 1990s.. The numbers for each year typically overlap, as there is always a transitional period between successive years and as necks that.
  3. For sale, one vintage 1969 Fender Bassman Amp in excellent condition, serial number A55988. Works perfectly. Sounds phenomenal! This Bassman has been meticulously converted to the blackface Bassman circuit including new filter capacitors, proper bias potentiometer and three prong power cord for safety
  4. Vox Amp Serial Number Dating Martin Vox Amp Serial Number Dating Kustom. Dating Your Fender Amp. QA=Jan 1. 96. 7 CG=Jul 1. For speakers this. In either case, the code works the same. The first 3 digits on a pot. The remaining 3 or 4 digits are the date code. In 3 digit dates. On 4 digits date codes
  5. The Fender Bassman is a bass amplifier series introduced by Fender during 1952. [citation needed] Initially intended to amplify bass guitars, the 5B6 Bassman was used by musicians for other instrument amplification, including the electric guitar, harmonica, and pedal steel guitars.Besides being a popular and important amplifier in its own right, the Bassman also became the foundation on which.
  6. We have had a silverface Vibrolux in our gear basement with a set of blue labeled Fender CTS speakers (serial number 137-XXYY). This amp performed extremly well too, with lots of punch and sparkle. From a player's perspective, you'll get more value for the buck with a CTS silverface amp than with a blackface
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  1. Serial Number: There is no information readily available for dating Fender amps by serial number but there are people working on it. Circuit Code: In 1963 Fender stopped using model numbers to identify schematics and began using the model name and an assigned circuit number
  2. Fender amplifiers are a series of electric instrument amplifiers renowned by musicians worldwide. The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has continuously manufactured guitar amplifiers since their foundation, Leo Fender began building guitar amplifiers before he started manufacturing electric guitars.The first of these were the K&F models, produced between 1945 and 1946
  3. According to Fender, the serial number system started from 1994 on, not 1990. Also, everyone who says their serial number is CR-XXXXXX can't be misreading it. I am looking at a Twin, black face, with 2 inputs, 6 knobs in the first section, 5 in the second, and 3 in the last. It too has a serial number staring with CR-XXXXXX
  4. Fender was sold to CBS in January 1965. Serial numbering didn`t change immediately because instruments continued to be made using existing, tooling, parts and serial number schemes. The chart below details Fender serial number schemes used from 1965 to 1976. Notice that there is quite a bit of overlap in numbers and years
  5. Serial Number and Approximate Date of Manufacture of Fender Guitars Made in Japan and Crafted in Japan. Also Some History! Among the Fender Japanese guitars, there were two different logos used: Crafted in Japan and Made in Japan, and both were being made at the same time from 1994 till 1997

I was hoping for a little help if possible in identifying a Squier Strat that doesn't have a serial number. Having read through the forum I suspect it may be an SE model, that is also backed up by the fact it came with a Squier SP10 amp when I bought it 2nd hand. I paid £40 for guitar and amp in the UK Fender Guitar Dating: An accurate identification of the date of manufacture and the specific model is imperative when evaluating a vintage Fender guitar. Let's take a look at some of the earlier years for the Fender serial numbers here. There is much more to dating a Fender guitar than just looking up the serial number, but it's a good start I just put a Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue on layaway. However there seems to be some discrepancy about the age of the amp. The guy at GC looked up the SN and said it was made in 1990 (SN AC093505). But my understanding is they didn't start selling them until 1993-4. How can I find the real..

Fender Roc Pro 1000 was one of Fender's hybrid amps which came in several different formats. The one we are looking at today is the combo, which was probably the most popular version of this model. With its 100 Watts of power, Fender Roc Pro 1000 had enough punch to satisfy both the needs of those looking for a practice amp , as well as those who wanted a decent gig amp The Fender Mustang bass follows the same serial number rules as any other Fender bass; looking it up in one of the many online sources will give a broadly accurate date (although there are certainly exceptions). The components, like most guitars, changed over time

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Gear available in Fender Collection. With a collection of 50 pieces of gear collected from the most sought after classic and modern Fender® amps (including the '65 Twin Reverb®, '57 Deluxe™, '59 Bassman® LTD, '64 Vibroverb® Custom, Super-Sonic™, Metalhead™ and many more), cabinets, stomp boxes and rack effects, Fender® Collection sets a new standard for software amplifiers Fender Diagrams, Schematics and Service Manuals - download for free! Including: fender 30 schem, fender 57 twin amp guitar amplifier schematic, fender 59 bassman guitar amplifier schematic, fender 59 bassman manual, fender 63 reverb guitar amplifier schematic, fender 63 reverb manual, fender 63 ri vibroverb schem, fender 65 deluxe reverb guitar amplifier schematic, fender 65 deluxe reverb. Fender Custom Shop: Turning musical dreams into realities. Finely crafted guitars and basses created by artists, for the artis Join millions of music makers all over the world on Reverb. Find your next favorite new, used, or vintage instrument—or sell one of your own

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A Fender Custom Shop instrument is extraordinary—you know it when you play one. As a true Custom Shop, almost any instrument we craft can be used as the basis of your own custom build*. Have it made left-handed or with a different color at no extra charge—you can modify any of the stunning Custom Shop models to taste The amp with this serial number only came out in 1996. [/QUOTE] somewhere on fender's site should be a link to a site which has the info about all fender's amps and serial numbers. on fender's site as well you can find a link to their forums where , im sure, people will be able to help you I have a serial number on a Fender Blues Deluxe amp and im trying to get a correct date on it, seeing if anyone knows what it is. The serial number is LO-T-095501. Any info will help thanks Serial Number: There is no information readily available for dating Fender amps by serial number but there are people working on it. Greg Gagliano has up a Fender Amp Survey website to collect serial number information. If you own a Fender amp of any vintage, stop by and input your amp's information

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1950 Fender Super Amp V-Front Serial number 1052. I've been searching for one of these fantastic amps for a long while, and then I finally found this nice example here, that has had quite a life for sure! The original tweed covering was painted brown ,. Eine in den USA hergestellte Fender mit Prefix US10 stammt aus dem Jahr 2010, eine mit US11 aus 2011, usw. Seriennummern Baujahr (Produktionsjahr) US10 + 6 Ziffern 2010 V + 5 or 6 Ziffern (American Vintage Series except '52 Telecaster, which uses a five-digit number stamped into the bridge plate

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  1. Short Summary of Jimi's Equipment. As far as electric guitars, Jimi Hendrix is mostly known for playing Fender Stratocasters.A few worth mentioning here is certainly the early 1960s white Stratocaster - which was allegedly the only guitar Jimi had with him when he first came to England. There's also a 1963/64 Fiesta Red Stratocaster that he painted and then burned on stage at Monterey.
  2. imum) the serial number I will tell you when your amp was made! SPAMDEFEAT stratopastor@hotmail.co
  3. Fender JV models had the serial numbers engraved into either the neck plate or bridge. Many also have penciled neck dates (6-14-82) you can only see when the neck is removed from the body of the guitar. SQ.
  4. Victoria Amplifier. 20watt version of our Golden Melody available in Sonic Blue/Black or Cream/Black tolex! Golden Melody tone in a smaller package!..
  5. The serial number is printed on a sticker located on the back of the neck, close to where the neck attaches to the body. Because the number was placed on a sticker it is fairly common for the serial number to be missing. Some more recent Squiers, including the Vintage Modified series (serial numbers starting with SH), were introduced in 2007
  6. Valco serial numbers are listed here for reference. Valco made amplifiers with a small metal number plate on the back side up until 1964. Valco made guitars and/or amps for Supro, Dickerson, Bronson, McKinney, Sears Silvertone, Montgomery Wards (Airline), Gretsch, Oahu and many others using the same numbering system
  7. Fender's Bassbreaker range is fairly new, introduced in late 2015. But despite its youth, the Bassbreaker series has become one of Fender's most popular and lucrative product lines. Made up of a number of affordable valve-powered heads and combos, these amplifiers cater for modern players that seek classic Fender clean tones mixed with contemporary high-gain distortion

Fender Timeline - The History of Fender Guitars 1909 - August 10th, Clarence Leonidas Fender is born. Anaheim, California. 1928 - Leo had graduated high school and was running an amateur radio station while building amplifiers and public address systems. 1938 - Leo opens his first shop named Fender's Repair Service,offering home made PA systems and musical instruments. 1946 - Leo renamed his. TALK TO A FENDER SPECIALIST! CALL 1-844-202-0924 MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM-11PM EST Submit a request. Fender; FMIC Legacy Brands FMIC Legacy Brands. Support Can I run my amp without any speaker cabinets connected to it? Can I use both instrument inputs on my SWR amplifier at the same time

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These amps have since evolved into the hugely popular Hot Rod range, with the addition of the 'More Drive' button. However, there are many players who still crave the fatter, warmer tone of the earlier version, and Fender has now reissued the two most popular circuits in the original format: the 40-watt Blues Deluxe and the 60-watt Blues Deville Fender 1-button Footswitch Blues Deluxe M-80 Frontman 0994052000 $ 39.00 Add to cart Fender 1-button Footswitch Blues Junior Amp 0994049000 $ 19.00 Out of stock Fender 1-Button Footswitch with 1/4 Plug 099405400

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The Princeton amp has been around almost since Fender's inception and has remained a popular amp in Fender's amp line. Over the years the Princeton has undergone many circuit and cosmetic changes. For the purposes of our discussion we will only consider the classic Princetons made from 1946 to 1981 Gibson. Enter Serial Number eg. 81232560. The Gibson Serial Number Decoder currently supports 6 formats from 4 Factories. For guitars made prior to 1977 use the extended search function. This new function will try to match the serial number against older formats Media in category Fender amps. The following 197 files are in this category, out of 197 total. 1953 Fender Champ model 5C1.jpg 800 × 600; 118 KB. 1957 Fender Twin Amp - Model 5E8A, Serial No. A-00752, Chassis Number A-00752 (Bonhams auction 19226, lot 92) & 2002 Cornell Custom 80, Serial No. DC-2 (lot 97).jpg 3,872 × 2,592; 4.15 MB Welcome to the Rhodes Super Site! created by James Garfield (US) & Frederik Adlers (SE). Re-Work in Progress: The goal for 2021 (our 25th anniversary) is to update and improve the Super Site's layout and visuals, for content on both Mobile and Desktop. If you see anything that looks strange, we're working on it . A Legend Unearthed: The original Leeds Rentals E Rhodes was discovered.

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Fender Backstage. Employee ID. Use numeric Employee ID found on Fender Tour Manager. Last Name. Date of Birth. Format: MM/DD/YYYY. Home Zip/Postal Code. Examples: 12345 or 123456 or 12345-6789 or AB1 1CD or AB11CD Squire Strat by Fender with serial # CXS 070839535 . My wife picked this up online for 125.00 Tobacco Sunburst. excellent shape. Got the soft case a strap and a squier sp10 amp. I have tried looking up the serial # but i am not sure on all of that. I see all kinds of different answers. She wants to find the value to see if she got a good deal This is the Fender Twin Amp. Different from The Twin and the '65 Reissue Twin Reverb. Basically it looks the same as a Twin Reverb but it has an added distortion channel. The same great all tube tone you are used to. This amp has distortion, tremelo and reverb. 2 12 inch speakers made by Eminence. I was buying guitar amps for a studio Peavey Electronics Corp. is one of the largest makers & suppliers of musical instruments, amplifiers & professional audio systems worldwide. Shop our selection today

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Vintage Mid to Late 60's Fender F Neck Plate - Serial Number 185295. $179.99. $15.00 shipping. 11 watching. Fender Stratocaster Telecaster 1950's to 1962 CRL 1452 3 way switch. $249.00. $9.99 shipping. or Best Offer. Vintage 1949 FENDER Pro Amp Transformer 971792-1-2 274509. $200.00. or Best Offer. Compatible with Fender Vintage Repro .05 mfd. The Fender Princeton 112 Plus is a guitar combo amplifier that is split up into a normal and a drive channel. It has a ¼ inch input as well as ¼ inch connections for a foot switch, headphones, or a separate preamp or power amp. It also has a single 12 inch speaker as the name suggests. UTILIZATION

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Find Your Fender | Fender. Ready to find your Fender and make some noise? Tell us more about your sound & style and we'll match you with the perfect model. Tap to get started The serial number 8027 on the neck butt of a 1967 Vinnie Bell model. The 80 is the 8th week, 2 is the unknown digit, 7 is the year (1967). Exceptions: in the latter part of 1967, new models used a 3 digit serial number where the first digit is the year, and the 2nd and 3rd digit was the week FEATURED GUITARS. 5150® Series Demo. Engineered for speed, comfort and full-throttle attitude, the reimagined 5150® Series Standard and Deluxe guitars are an iconic blast from the past that blend both throwback and modernized features. For 2021, these models have been refreshed with an all-new kill switch, as well as new finish, poplar burl. The seizure was completed on 20 January and, according to a media release from the CBP's website, no other counterfeit guitars were found besides these 36. The instruments were addressed to 21 different US states and Australia. Keith Fleming, the CBP's Acting Director of Field Operations in Baltimore commented on the matter, saying: Transnational criminal organisations will counterfeit. The Gibson serial number decoder Date a Gibson guitar by serial number From 1977 to 2013 Gibson have used an eight or nine digit serial number on all of their guitars that can be easily decoded to show the exact day that the guitar was manufactured along with the location of the Gibson factory