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September 17, 2020. Alenka Artnik & Arnaud Jerard. The CMAS Freediving European Cup in Kalamata, Greece has seen four new Freediving World Records fall. Slovenian freediver Alenka Artnik set a 94m World Record in Constant Weight Bi-Fins (CWTB) French freediver Arnaud Jerard also set a 112m World Record in Constant Weight Bi-Fins (CWTB Men's world record: Stéphane Mifsud (11:35) Women's world record: Natalia Molchanova (9:02) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvXyt60c6qI. Note: Longer breath holds have occurred outside official freedive competitions, however these include the use of techniques that aren't allowed in freedive competitions by Gct. French freediver Arnaud Jerald broke the world record in the constant weight freediving modality with bifins, by descending to 112m in Kalamata. The CMAS European Cup was hosted by the Freediving Club Greece in Kalamata from September 12-16, 2020. The 24-year-old dived 112 in 3 minutes and 24 seconds on Tuesday He surpassed the previous record by 34 seconds - a long time when you're not breathing - and probably longer than most people could hold their breath in total! Budimir attempted this record in Sisak, Croatia, to promote the city after it was hit by a strong earthquake in December 2020 This Saturday, September 12, in the waters of the island of Krk, Croatia, Russian freediver Alexey Molchanov set a new freediving world record freediving in the constant weight bifins modality, descending to -111 meters deep during the International Competition Adriatic Freediving Trophy held from September 5 to 12

Freediving World Series To Launch In 2020. By John Liang. -. January 1, 2020. Freediving World Series To Launch In 2020. The Freediving World Series will kick off in 2020, with plans for events in the waters off all five inhabited continents featuring the world's top athletes vying for the title of deepest woman and man Freediving World Apnea Center can organize and manage in any moment, thanks to the good weather conditions, National and World Record Attempt in all the disciplines in depth and in pool. At the Center there are 2 Aida Judges and the center is located 8 minutes far away from the hyperbaric chamber attainable by rescue boat or in few minutes by car Herbert Nitsch is an Austrian freediver who has held world records in all of the eight freediving disciplines recognised by AIDA International. He is the current freediving world record champion and the deepest man on earth. This title was given to him when he set a world record in the No Limits discipline at the depth of 214 meters. To date, he has achieved 33 official World Records across all freediving disciplines, and one world record in the traditional Greek discipline of. Freediving in the 21 st century means that freediving is not only accessible in the physical world, but in the online world as well. Along with an extensive list of internet articles, YouTube videos, Instagram feeds , and Facebook posts, you can also find free and paid freediving applications on Android, iOS, and Windows devices Beneath the table of freediving record, watch all the current freediving world records and check out the history of each discipline by clicking through to the relevant discipline that you are interested in. Constant Weight Apnea Without Fins (CNF) 102 m. Name: William TRUBRIDGE (NZL

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Expert freediver, Stig Severinsen, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest freedive under ice on a single breath of air - and he earned the record while diving in Speedos! What is Freediving credit : https://danburtonphotography.com/aboutBenvenuto sul canale del pescatore in apnea, il canale su YouTube con una delle più grandi collezioni di video.. These records were perfor... Freediving World Record Compilation | The deepest men on EarthThese are world records made in the 5 main disciplines of freediving In this video i'll be sharing the 5 craziest freediving world records of all time. See timestamps below. WATCH NEXT ️ Craziest Free Fall Diving: https://..

World Record Attempts by Walid Boudhiaf in Freediving Variable Weight and Free Inmersion, Egypt 2021 From January 17 to 26, 2021, the freediver of Tunisian origin Walid Boudhiaf will be attempting two new world records in the variable weight and free inmersion modalities of the International Association for the Development of Apnea ( AIDA ), in the waters of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt September 15, 2020, 4:48 PM A new talent in deep-sea freediving, Frenchman Arnaud Jérald beats the world record in bi-fins (constant weight) by descending to 112 m in Kalamata (Greece) during a.. The Dive is Pipin Ferrera's account, written through a ghostwriter, on how he met his wife, Audrey Mestre, and their combined journey into Audrey's attempt to break the world-record in no-limits freediving, resulting in a fatal accident shrouded in suspicion. The Dive: A Story of Love and Obsession. $19.95. Buy Now Last weekend November 14 and 15, 2020, the National Static and Dynamic Apnea Championships without Fins (25-meter pool) were held in Zagreb, Croatia, where Croatian freedivers Mirela Kardasevic and Vanja Peleš set New World Records Apnea Dynamic without Fins of the World Underwater Federation (CMAS), when registering 200 meters and 215 meters, respectively

Vrijduiken of free-diving is het duiken op ingehouden adem. In een brede definitie omvat de term vrijduiken alle activiteiten waarbij met ingehouden adem onder water gedoken wordt, waaronder onderwaterhockey en synchroonzwemmen. Echter wordt in de praktijk de term vrijduiken vooral geassocieerd met het duiken op ingehouden adem buiten het zwembad. Het vervolg van dit artikel beschrijft vrijduiken als zodanig Freediving: Frenchman Arnaud Jerald breaks world record By rokur September 17, 2020 No Comments 1 Min Read A new talent in deep-sea freediving, Frenchman Arnaud Jérald beats the world record in bi-fins (constant weight) by descending to 112 m in Kalamata (Greece) during a competition, the European Cup, in which some twenty athletes took part

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On the very last day of #VB2018 Alessia Zecchini cements her position as the winner among the female athletes and the absolute overall points winner for the. Danish freediver Stig Severinsen has broken the world distance record for swimming with fins on just one breath -- making it 202 meters (662 ft 8.7 in) underwater, Guinness World Records has. November 10, 2020, 9:53 AM. Slovenian Alenka Artnik breaks the world freediving record after a dizzying descent to 114 metres in monofin. The 39-year-old champion had held the previous joint record since 2019, and took advantage of a small competition in Sharm el Sheikh to better her performance, spending 3 minutes and 41 seconds underwater Danish freediving champion claims third Guinness World Records title. By Jessica Dawes. Published 07 January 2020. Free-diver Stig Severinsen (Denmark) has added another Guinness World Records title to his list of accolades- this time for the longest distance swam underwater with one breath using fins (open water, male)

(Sportalsub.net / CMAS / FCG) - Leer en Español This Tuesday, September 15, 2020, freedivers Alenka Artnik from Slovenia and Arnaud Jerald from France set two new world records in the constant weight freediving modality with bifins, on the 3rd day of competitions of the CMAS European Cup of Apnea which takes place in Kalamata, Greece from September 12-16 William Trubridge reaches for another world record in freediving. Sports — 9 January 2021. Suunto Ambassador William Trubridge wanted to end 2020 on a positive note by attempting to freedive to 126 m on a single breath. He was unsuccessful, but remains determined to continue exploring human limits. William takes the 126m depth tag on his. Russian Freediving Legend's Son Breaks Under-Ice World Record Updated: Feb. 26, 2020 Alexei Molchanov swam for 180 meters beneath the ice in a Moscow region quarry Stig, the grand old man of international freediving with four freediving world championships and a score of records under his belt, told Real Press in an interview that he undertook the official record attempt to refocus some attention from the all-consuming coronavirus concerns to the state of our oceans and ecological systems, swimming exactly a symbolic 202.0 meters (663 feet) as the 2020. Now aged 24, Jerald holds the free-diving world record after plunging to a depth of 367.5 feet over three minutes and 23 seconds, breaking his own previous mark of 354 ft. When you reach one.

An Egyptian scuba diver has broken a new world record by spending 145 hours or six full days underwater. Saddam Al-Kilany, 29, remained under the Red Sea for 145 hours and 30 minutes, beating the world record of 142 hours and 47 minutes reached by Turkish diver Cem Karabay in 2016, UPI reported. After spending five years training for the moment, Al-Kilany also beat his 2017 personal best of. Underwater freediving disciplines and their world records As stated above, we already know freediving in general but for those of you who are curious about this, you must be aware that apnea has several disciplines and some men and women hold a record for each discipline AIDA official World Records History. MEN - WOMEN. Static Apnea. Men. Mifsud Stéphane (FR) 11:35. 2009-06-08 on WR Attempt - MIFSUD Stephane (Static Apnea) Sietas Tom (DE) 10:12 14 June 2007. The deepest no-limit freedive by a male is 214 m (702 ft 1.18 in), by Herbert Nitsch (Austria) in Spetses, Greece, on 14 June 2007. Widely considered to be the most dangerous form of freediving, no-limits practitioners can descend and ascend using the method of their choosing. Many divers use a bar or sled fixed to a line to take. Contact. Hi. I'm Amber, under-ice female freediving world record holder, motivational speaker and artist. I'm passionate about water as a swimmer and competitive freediver, and it calms me amidst my life struggles. My art expresses my love of water and the affinity I feel for this element too. Join me as I plan to break another world record

27 March 2021. The longest time breath held voluntarily (male) is 24 min 37.36 sec, achieved by Budimir Šobat (Croatia), in Sisak, Croatia, on 27 March 2021. Budimir (Buda) attempted this record to promote the city of Sisak, after it was hit by a strong earthquake in December 2020. He surpassed the previous record by 34 seconds Static apnea (STA) is a discipline in which a person holds their breath underwater for as long as possible, and need not swim any distance. Static apnea is defined by the International Association for Development of Apnea (AIDA International) and is distinguished from the Guinness World Record for breath holding underwater, which allows the use of oxygen in preparation

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November 10, 2020. Alenka Artnik Sets New Freediving World Record. Slovenian freediver Alenka Artnik this past weekend set a new AIDA women's world record in the Constant Weight (CWT) discipline with a 114-meter (374-foot) dive. Artnik set the record with a monofin at the AIDA Blue Week Competition in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt So in February 2020, he found his latest challenge in ice diving and set a world record there too, covering 180 meters (591 feet) in a feat of distance, not depth, under the ice in a quarry on the. Slovenia's best freediver Alenka Artnik has set another world record, diving to 114 meters in monofin after she and Italy's Alessia Zecchini won the 2019 Freediving World Championships with a record 113 meters last year.Artnik now improved the record she held with Zecchini by one metre at the Blue Week competition in Egypt's Sharm el-Sheik.Se

Welcome to the DeeperBlue.com Forums, the largest online community dedicated to Freediving, Scuba Diving and Spearfishing.To gain full access to the DeeperBlue.com Forums you must register for a free account.As a registered member you will be able to: Join over 44,280+ fellow diving enthusiasts from around the world on this foru Another Guinness world record was set last Saturday (March 27 th of 2021), when Budimir Šobat held his breath for 24 minutes and 33 seconds to support and raise funds for the reconstruction of the Miracle Room of the Association of People with Disabilities of Sisak - Moslavak that were destroyed by an earthquake last December 29, 2020. . The event took place in Sisak Olympic swimming World Champion, World Record Holding, World Renowned Freediver Alenka Artnik Joins Team Suunto. SuuntoDive — 4 April 2021. Meet new Suunto ambassador, freediver Alenka Artnik. In 2020 Alenka Artnik dived to 114m, deep beneath the surface of the Red Sea on a single breath, her mind and body working seamlessly together

Guinness World Records 2021. Wild Things. Guinness World Records Kids website. Guinness World Records TV shows. Guinness World Records store. Educators William Trubridge reaches for another world record in freediving. Sports — 9 enero 2021. Suunto Ambassador William Trubridge wanted to end 2020 on a positive note by attempting to freedive to 126 m on a single breath. He was unsuccessful, but remains determined to continue exploring human limits. William takes the 126m depth tag on his world.

Under the ice, it's pitch black and there's a risk your eyeballs could freeze without a mask. But those challenges did not deter Australian Ant Williams, who has set a new freediving world record. Stig Severinsen sets the Guinness World record for longest distance swam underwater with one breath (open water) at 202 m (662 ft 8.7 in) in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, on 26 November 2020. The record has been verified and made public on December 22, 2020 Train like a champion by following freedive training programs from world record holders and champion freedivers Mateusz Malin and Samo Jeranko! Providing you with better freediving! Navigation. Home; William Joy broke Chinese Freediving Records November 8, 2020. 5 tips for your winter Freediving Training September 24, 2020. New Spearfishing.

Alenka Artnik improves freediving world record. Sharm el Sheik, 8 November - Slovenia's best freediver Alenka Artnik has set another world record, diving to 114 metres in monofin after she and Italy's Alessia Zecchini won the 2019 Freediving World Championships with a record 113 metres last year. Slovenian freediver Alenka Artnik in 2017 It should have been routine for the Russian champion—at 53, she was now the most decorated athlete in freediving history, with 41 world records and 23 world championship titles. In 2020, he. William Trubridge breaks the freediving world record without fins with a dive to 88m (288 feet) in 3:30 in Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas. For more information Vertical Blue freediving Apnea Academy ( freediving school, courses and competitions ) - William Trubridge official website. The freediving school is based on Long Island, in the Bahamas. Courses are held in the stunning waters of Dean's Blue Hole

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2021 Walrus Dive AIDA Pool Competition. Pool Competition. Jg Jeon Gok Sports Center. Seoul-Si, Republic of Korea. 2021-07-18 A new women's freediving world record was set in Limassol on Friday when Jennifer Wendland descended to a depth of 93 metres. Holding only one breath and powered by a set of fins, the German was. Leyend of freediving, continental and world record african champion. Shark Academy for swimming. 8 hrs · Leyend of freediving, continental and world record african champion. Related Videos. 0:10 Featuring world record attempts and multiple national record attempts. BFA athletes Ruth Osborn & Gary McGrath shared a start list with a world-class line-up of champion divers. On day 3, Ruth did an incredible 50metre dive (a 3 metre PB), earning her 2nd place in the competition for CNF

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  2. GRAND PRIX - Freediving World Series: 2020: Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt: more » TSSF 4th Kaş Başka Freediving World Cup Outdoor: 2020: Kaş, Antalya - Turkey: more » Freediving International Competitions (outdoors) European Cup 2020: Kalamata - Greece: more » GRAND PRIX - Freediving World Series: 2020: Kalamata - Greece: more
  3. Free Diving World Record Will Soon Be Pushed to 1,000 Feet, Author Says. James Nestor says diving the ocean shows how much we can learn about our planet and its inhabitants—including us
  4. Molchanov is a 14-time freediving world champion, and his latest achievement is another in a long list of accomplishments. With his latest dive recorded by a judge from the AIDA, the sport's international governing body, he is now the holder of 20 world records
  5. utes and has set a total of 33 world records. 32 of these are across all of the 8 recognized freediving disciplines - unrivaled achievements in the freediving history.Herbert has set an additional world record in the traditional Greek freediving discipline Skandalopetra. No Limit is the deepest and most extreme freediving-discipline, which.
  6. In 2002, at the age of 20, the Frenchman became the youngest world-record holder when he dove 87 meters (285 feet) on a single breath of air. When I started when I was young, it was a way to.

Related Documents. 23.03.2021 Free Diving Records - 19.01.2021. 16.12.2020 Contract for Apnea Record Attempt Led by the founder of PFI, Kirk Krack, PFA provides training to all levels of Freedivers and other water enthusiasts. They also offer specialized training to freediving instructors, competitive freedivers, surfers and elite athletes . Kirk and his team of PFI instructors have trained numerous world record athletes, special forces operatives. 10/27/2020 Salman Alblawi Grouper, Brown Marbled. Men Speargun 9/24/2020 Cecchetti Massimo Seabass, European. Women Sling 12/10/2020 Sabine Banet Wahoo. Men Speargun The IUSA Board evaluates all world records approved during the year and determines which, in its opinion,. Luckily, Guinness World Records is there to make sure it wasn't all for nothing — whether that is paying top dollar for a famous item, playing a musical performance underground, or creating a 70-layer bean dip. Take a look at some of the wildest and most entertaining world records that have been broken in 2020 so far Sheena McNally, 35, of Edmonton, has broken national freediving records and has set a goal of breaking another record in Cyprus in October. Skip to Main Content Menu Tokyo 2020

Welche Disziplinen gibt es im Freediving? Wo liegen die aktuellen Apnoerekorde? Hier haben wir für euch eine Übersicht der Freitauchdisziplinen sowie der aktuellen deutschen Rekorde und der Weltrekorde zusammengestellt: Statik - STA Pool- & Wettkampfdisziplin; Möglichst lange mit einem Atemzug mit dem Gesicht nach unten im Wasser liegen. Deutsche Rekorde: Frauen: 06:31 min. Heike. Russian freediver Alexei Molchanov has broken the world record for the longest freedive under ice, holding his breath and swimming for 180 meters in a Moscow region quarry, according to a press release Tuesday. Molchanov beat the previous record held by French freediver Arthur Guérin-Boëri, who swam for 175 meters in 2017. Organizers underscored the [ SA diver Amber Fillary set a new world record by freediving 70 metres under the ice in one breath, all for mental health awareness. The Capetonian broke the Guinness World Record for freediving distance under ice wearing only a bikini and a swimming cap in 2 °C waters. She braved the near-freezing conditions in Norwa Here you can watch live all events from the 11th CMAS World Freediving Indoor Championship 2021 - Belgrade 21-27.June 2021

Across all freediving disciplines, the man owns 32 world records. He can hold his breath for more than nine minutes. Most healthy people can manage about two at their very best AIDA 14th Serbian Open Freediving Championships Belgrade 2020. World record status. Start date: 2020-03-07 . End date: 2020-03-07 . Location: SRPC Milan Gale Muškatirović, Belgrade, Serbia . Event Type: Pool Competition . Organizer. Natalia Molchanova holds 41 world records and is a 23-time world champion in freediving. The sport requires divers to hold their breath rather than use scuba gear or oxygen tanks. Natalia. Stig Severinsen Sets Guinness World Record By Swimming 202m Underwater By rokur December 23, 2020 Updated: December 29, 2020 1 Comment 1 Min Read Danish freediver Stig Severinsen has smashed the existing Guinness World Record in longitudinal swimming underwater with a 202-meter (663-foot) swim in the Sea of Cortez off Mexico

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Melissa Ponder took her first freediving class in 2018 and entered the competition circuit in 2019. She also holds three national records, in addition to her recently acquired world record free diving: 4th Round - French Apnea National Cup (STA, DYN, DNF & 16X50m) 20.03.2021 - 21.03.2021: Besançon - FRA: more » free diving: Sardinia Cup Contest (DYN-BF, DYN, DNF and Sta 11th CMAS WORLD FREEDIVING INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 . +38163309007 . Belgrade, Serbi Updated on October 23, 2020. One of the biggest lures into the world of freediving is the lack of equipment needed. Submerging yourself void of bulky scuba equipment is sort of like a form of ocean liberation. With help from a pair of long blade freediving fins, you'll discover how easy it is to achieve depth

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Most Rubik's cubes solved underwater - Guinness World Records By rokur August 22, 2020 1 Comment 1 Min Read As a Rubik's cube trainer in Chennai, India, Illayaram Sekar decided to inspire his students by attempting the record for most Rubik's cubes solved underwater A short film about Carlos Coste and his amazing achievement breaking the world freediving record in a Cenote Cave in Mexico. The dives was was 150m long horizontally through the limestone caves at a depth of 7m. The dive took 2mins and 32secs Natalia Molchanova's world record 101m freedive - archive video. In September 2009, Natalia Molchanova becomes the first woman to break the elusive 100m mark in a freedive. The Russian.

Danish freediver swims 202 meters on one breath 6 months ago Stig Severinsen, a freediver from Denmark, broke the Guinness World Record for 'the longest distance swim underwater with one breath using fins,' swimming 202 meters on one breath, in a total of two minutes and 42 seconds Alexey Molchanov (Russian: Алексей Олегович Молчанов, born 6 March 1987 in Volgograd) is a Russian champion freediver, 14-time world champion (AIDA and CMAS), world record holder and freediving promoter.Bearer of the philosophy of freediving, president of Association Freediving Federation, president of AIDA Russia, head of freediving school named in honor of Natalia. Sofía Gómez Uribe (American Spanish: [soˈfia ˈɣomes uˈɾiβe]; born 15 April 1992) is a Colombian freediver and civil engineer.She holds six national records in three different freediving disciplines (depth apneas), a Bolivarian Games record set at the 2013 Games in Trujillo, Peru, that won her a gold medal in the Women's individual dynamic apnea free-diving event, and a Pan-American.

With 27 world records under her belt, 06/18/2020. Team UN: World Champion Freediver Alessia Zecchini Talks About Her Love For The Ocean, Whales, And Watches. Watchonista talks to one of the world's leading female professional free divers For the last 64 years, Guinness World Records has continued to amaze generation after generation by chronicling the limits of what humans are capable of. For the 2020 edition, Guinness World Records expands its book with new records that highlight the trends and technologies of our day and age With most races canceled, he focused his attention on the event, and now he has an age-group world record to show for it. King, 61, of Boulder, Colorado, ran 4:49.08 on August 29 at South Carolina.

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  1. The Guinness World Records official site with ultimate record-breaking facts & achievements. Do you want to set a world record? Are you Officially Amazing
  2. utes - longer than it takes to read to the end of thi
  3. NEW WORLD RECORD 114m cwt Today I set a new aida world record in constant weight with monofin at the Blue week competition. There are no words to describe what I'm feeling right now but I will start with gratitude. Exactly one month ago I came to Sharm el Sheikh for final preparations in this really roller-coaster season
  4. 12 world records broken in 2020. Ugandan athlete Joshua Cheptegei celebrates after breaking the 10,000 metres track record in Valencia. (AFP pic) Records tumbled across the board in 2020, from the.
  5. French freediver edges bi-fins battle. French freediver Arnaud Jerald has claimed a world record of 112m in the Constant Weight with Bi-Fins discipline - continuing a rivalry with the Russian Alexey Molchanov who had set a 111m record just days before. Jerald, 24, carried out the dive on 15 September at Kalamata in Greece, in his sixth.
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New World Record . Today I set a new World Record in Bi-fins discipline to -94m at the CMAS European cup organized by FCG - Freediving Club Greece. The dive was really beautiful, I was focused and relaxed until the very end. Something that makes me even happier as the year was full of ups and downs The Haiku Project • Gratitude • 2020. Rain by The Haiku Project from the album Nebula. haikuMusic.dk The magical music of talented Henrik Hytteballe has been a great companion the last many years. Both in my personal training for new freediving world records,. As freediving champion and PADI Freediver Instructor Mari Kagaya, tells Destinations of the World News, Mantas, the largest of the rays, are abundant in the Maldives and glide through the water like birds. I was struck how gentle and graceful they are when I first saw them The Bahamas has some of the best shark diving in the world. On Tiger Beach Grand Bahama Island, sharks abound, and if you're brave enough, you can freedive with Tiger Sharks, Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Hammerheads, and more. In this video, André Musgrove and friends explore the island of Bimini, which also offers incredible encounters with one of our most misunderstood and endangered species

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  1. ute-and-half swim in water measured at temperatures of 3 degrees Celsius and pumping his fist in celebration. The 38-year-old changed the location for the record attempt to a former quarry in.
  2. Auckland Freediving Club are proud to host the Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals at the Sir Owen G. Glenn National Aquatic Centre, AUT Millennium, Auckland.. The competition will comprise three sessions over three days: Friday 10 September Statics (STA), Saturday 11 September morning Dynamic with Fin (DYN) in the 50m Main Pool, Sunday 12 morning will be Dynamic No Fins (DNF) in the 25m.
  3. 20/02/2020. Rachel Sadler The brother of freediver William Trubridge has honoured his world record-breaking sibling with a spectacular light show who's broken 18 freediving world records.
  4. NEW WORLD RECORD 114m cwt Today I set a new world record in constant weight with monofin at the Blue week competition. There are no words to describe what I'm feeling right now but I will start with gratitude. Exactly one month ago I came to Sharm el Sheikh for final preparations in this really roller-coaster season
  5. A freediver has set a new world record - plunging 122m into a blue hole in the Bahamas on one breath.. New Zealander William Trubridge set his 16th world mark, beating his own record of 121 metres

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  1. 338 Likes, 29 Comments - Boris Freediver Milošić (@milosicboris) on Instagram: First impressions from my first Guinness World Record attempt. I managed to beat the old record b
  2. 48 Likes, 1 Comments - Freediving|Spearfishing (@tritonsub) on Instagram: 17th January 2021 @walidboudhiaf Tunisia set a new World Record - 150m VWT. Organizer
  3. Jay Riffe, Spearfishing King, Is Dead at 82. He became a champion in sport fishing while in his 20s and went on to found a leading company in the manufacture of spearfishing and diving gear. Jay.
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  6. New World Record by Walid Boudhiaf from Tunisia in
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  1. Mirela Kardasevic and Vanja Peles from Croatia: New
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  3. Freediving: Frenchman Arnaud Jerald breaks world record
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