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Kurdistan (Kurdish: کوردستان ,Kurdistan ‎ [ˌkʊɾdɪˈstɑːn] (); lit. land of the Kurds) is a roughly defined geo-cultural territory in Western Asia wherein the Kurdish people form a prominent majority population and the Kurdish culture, languages, and national identity have historically been based. Geographically, Kurdistan roughly encompasses the northwestern Zagros and the. No, there is no country named like that. However, there is a region which is inhabited mainly by Kurds named Kurdistan, and it involves large parts of eastern Turkey ( Turkish Kurdistan ), northern Iraq ( Iraqi Kurdistan ), northwestern Iran ( Iranian Kurdistan) and northeastern Syria ( Western Kurdistan )

As of yet, Kurdistan is a term applied to regions of southeast Turkey, northeast Syria, northern Iraq, and northwest Iran in reference to the Kurdish ethnic majority who live on that land. The.. Despite being landlocked, the Kurdistan Region pursues a proactive foreign policy, which includes strengthening diplomatic relations with Iran, Russia, United States and Turkey. 29 countries have a diplomatic presence in the Kurdistan Region, while the Kurdistan Region has representative offices in 14 countries Kurdistan is NOT an official country! Kurdish people are considered the biggest ethnic group in the world without their own country. They are spread over 4 countries: Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Only in Iraq Kurdistan is considered an autonomous region If Kurdistan were created again in Syria or Iraq, it would not be long before Turkey's 15m Kurds would want a piece of it and since Turkeys Kurdish population is larger than the combined Kurdish population of both Syria and Iraq, it is totally unacceptable to Turkey that it would risk losing 20% of its population and one third of its land mass

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  1. The traditional view of the Kurds in the Middle East—living as they do in the mountains and valleys of southeastern Turkey, northwestern Iran, northern Iraq, and northern Syria—used to feature only as a subcategory in the strategic political calculations of the United States, Russia, or the European Union toward the larger central governments in Ankara, Damascus, Baghdad, and Tehran
  2. From all Kurdistan regions, Kurdistan in Iraq enjoys the highest level of autonomy, to the extent that they control their borders, immigration, they have their own army and even Parliament. Kurds are spread over 4 countries. There are 40 million Kurds spread over Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq, making them the largest stateless nation in the world
  3. Kurdish leaders hope to change this on 25 September, when the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) puts independence to a vote in a referendum that could create the world's 194 th country (196 if you include Palestine and the Holy See)
  4. Kurdish leaders hope to change this on 25 September, when the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) puts independence to a vote in a referendum that could create the world's 194 th country (196 if you include Palestine and the Holy See). Although a 'yes' is the expected outcome of the referendum, with most Iraqi Kurds in favour of.
  5. The Kurds are a Middle Eastern-Iranic ethnic group. They consider their homeland Kurdistan, a region compromising parts of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Some hardcore nationalists expand this to..
  6. gly to start the process of separating from Iraq and building their own democratic, pluralistic, independent country. In one of the most civilized, violence-free exercises of a people's right anywhere in the world, the people of Kurdistan voted in a.
  7. Kurdistan, Arabic Kurdistān, Persian Kordestān, broadly defined geographic region traditionally inhabited mainly by Kurds. It consists of an extensive plateau and mountain area, spread over large parts of what are now eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, and western Iran and smaller parts of northern Syria and Armenia.Two of these countries officially recognize internal entities by this name: Iran.

THIS IS KURDISTAN: Ground Zero of History - کوردستان | كردستان - YouTube Kurdistan is a country. Kurdistan is a virtual state. Kurdistan is a bad country. Kurdistan is an illegal country SUBSCRIBE for daily travel videos: http://bit.ly/2hyQnZ1 INSTAGRAM? https://www.instagram.com/drewbinskyWHAT IS KURDISTAN?I've spent the last few days in.

Kurdistan is a country you won't find on the map. It has 25 million inhabitants, and they are the largest ethnic group in the world without a sovereign homeland. The post-World War I partitioning of the Middle East scattered the Kurds among several countries. The British promised them their own home eventually, but so far it hasn't happened Iraq is a state but not a nation. Kurdistan is the opposite. Kurds are a distinct ethnic group, with their own language and culture. They are actually probably the fourth biggest ethnicity in the.

The country will not stand on just a race or a nationalism idea. The country needs a united population who are willing to live together despite having differences. The dream country of Kurds needs a centralized leadership and a strategized freedom struggle whose only goal is to attain a complete freedom An independent Kurdistan has the potential to be economically viable, given its energy reserves. And Iraq without Kurdistan would still be viable, as would other neighboring countries. Nonetheless,.. PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan has been imprisoned by Turkey since 1999. There is deep-seated hostility between the Turkish state and the country's Kurds, who constitute 15% to 20% of the population.

Opinion: Here's why we Kurds deserve a country of our own A Kurdish woman takes a selfie during a rally for the Kurdistan independence referendum campaign at the Franso Hariri stadium in Irbil. BUT KURDISTAN IS NOT A COUNTRY RIGHT??? 1 year ago no one really knew anything about the kurdish people and their struggle for freedom and human rights. Today you can learn more about the region were Kurds have lived for thousands of years in just a couple minutes. The growing number of 48 million Kurds suffer everyda But the Kurds didn't stop - have never stopped - resisting. When the British lumped them into their invented country of Iraq, the Kurds naturally revolted in 1919 Many Kurds are privileged to sell their agriculture products locally and internationally and in turn, this improves their living conditions. It is worth to note that, Iran is the only country with a province known as Kurdistan. However, the Kurds in that country have not fared better in terms of economic power and education development

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  1. The initial reason given by the PKK for this was the oppression of Kurds in Turkey. By then, the use of Kurdish language, dress, folklore, and names were banned in Kurdish-inhabited areas. In an attempt to deny their existence, the Turkish government categorized Kurds as Mountain Turks until 1991. In this way, why do the Kurds not have a country
  2. Kurdish society approached the First World War divided, decapitated, without a collective plan for its future. In 1915, the Franco-British agreements known as the Sykes-Picot forecast the dismemberment of their country. However the Kurds were in conflict over the destiny of their country
  3. If Kurdistan becomes a country will it incorporate Assyrian land? In the next ten years possibly after ISIS is done with, Kurdistan could possibly gain it's independence in Iraq. With that being said much of Kurdish land and Assyrian land are close together
  4. Some of the cons are: There would be increased instability in kurdish parts of neighboring countries. If for example the Kurdish region in North Iraq became an independent Kurdish state, Kurds in Turkey and Iran would want to join and might rebel against Ankara / Teheran, leading to separatist fighting
  5. You should not assume that the FCDO will be able to provide assistance to leave the country. According to Iraqi law you must have a visa before you travel. In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI.

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  1. A Turkey Kurdish lawyer and politician says countries in the region are against the formation of a Kurdish status. Currently, the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) and Hashd al-Shaabi are in the same position in Shingal, and the Kurdistan Region, the central government of Iraq and the United States are in the same position and want the PKK to leave Shingal, said Sedqi Zilan
  2. Washington (CNN)Sen. Rand Paul wants to give the Kurds their own country. The Kentucky Republican, who is inching closer to a bid for president, said Tuesday in an interview with Breitbart that he believes the U.S. should not only directly arm Kurdish fighters, but also promise the Kurds a country
  3. Kurdistan is a nation that historically never made it to be a fully-fledged state. The reasons are many and varied. Per The Kurdish Project, the contiguous Kurdish regions of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria sit in the north central area of the Middle East. Over the millennia, numerous ethnicities have migrated, settled or natively inhabited the.

The European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) - which countries are in the EU and EEA, the single market and free movement of goods, capital, services and peopl Creating a country. Another complicating factor in setting up a country is the fact that, for one territory to become a new state, another already existing sovereign state must lose some of its. Iran, Syria, and Turkey have significant Kurdish minorities and Tehran and Ankara, especially, fear that an independent Kurdish state would embolden Kurdish separatist forces in their own countries With the countries of Syria and Iraq weakened by ISIS, the Kurds may have a chance to begin carving themselves an independent Kurdistan. If the Middle East should see the birth of a new state, Kurdistan would bring great conflict, but would also have a large pool of historical legitimacy

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ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) - You cannot force a people to remain in a country they do not wish to be a part of; Kurdistan will be an independent country sooner rather than later, Peter Galbraith, a former US diplomat, told Kurdistan 24 in a recent interview Who are the Kurds in Iraq? After decades of military and political struggle, Kurds in Iraq secured constitutional recognition in 2005 of an autonomous Kurdish region in the north of the country The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is an autonomous region within the Federal Republic of Iraq. The Kurdistan region is distinctive with its prevailing stability and security, and with the tolerance and co-existence of it's people including all its different ethnic components who are renowned for their friendliness, love and respect for their guests, especially for foreign visitors

Sen. Rand Paul wants to give the Kurds their own country. The Kentucky Republican, who is inching closer to a bid for president, said Tuesday in an interview with Breitbart that he believes the U. The World's Next Country. The Kurds are on the verge of getting a homeland of their own. If they do, the Middle East will never be the same. By Christian Caryl. January 21, 2015, 5:26 PM. ERBIL. Kurdistan is a country ️☀️ (@itsfotballnotsoccer6) on TikTok | 650 Likes. 29 Fans. Watch the latest video from Kurdistan is a country ️☀️ (@itsfotballnotsoccer6) A People Without a Country: The Kurds and Kurdistan. A People Without a Country. : Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou. Olive Branch Press, 1993 - History - 259 pages. 1 Review. The 16 million Kurds are the largest nation in the world with no state of their own. Their history is one of constant revolts and bloody repression, massacres, deportations and. Independent Kurdistan Looks Like a Zimbabwe in the Making. The image of Kurdistan as a democratic, progressive, prosperous state is illusory. The Kurds should get their house in order before they get their state. David Rosenberg. Sep. 28, 2017

The Kurdish region is eventually divided among several countries. 1923 - (IRAQ) - Former Kurdish Governor Sheikh Mahmud Barzinji stages an uprising against British rule, declaring a Kurdish. The Democratic Union Party (PYD) is a Syrian Kurdish political party. It was established in 2003, but is currently banned in the country. The People's Protection Units (commonly known as the YPG. The Kurds: One people, four countries 20.3.2013; Kurdistan president: If we are not real partners in Iraq, we will take the way we see fit 14.3.2013; Economic independence of Kurdistan between the American-Turkish extortion and Iraqi pressure 12.3.201

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The Kurds are an ancient people of the Middle East. They live in a mountainous region called Kurdistan, which includes parts of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan and Armenia.The Kurds, who are Muslims and speak a language that is like Persian, have lived in this region for thousands of years, but they have never had a country of their own.Instead they have been oppressed a lot by other people Kurdistan is a land-locked country dependent on its neighbors for access to markets for both supplies and to export oil - Kurdistan's main economic resource. Given the history of the region and the geographic significance of Kurdistan as one of the crossroads of the Middle East, the potential for continued conflict is extremely high Kurdistan is divided between Turkey and Iran, Iraq and Syria. These countries have little interest in the realization of a Kurdish Dream and no Western Country has openly backed a Kurdish Statehood The Kurdistan and Conflict in the Middle East. Kurdistan is term that driven from the word Kurds. The Kurds are one of the indigenous peoples of the Mesopotamian plains and the highlands in what are now south-eastern Turkey, north-eastern Syria, northern Iraq, north-western Iran and south-western Armenia.in these modern times, they form a distinctive community, united through race, culture and.

COVID-19: Kurdistan Region at a Glance* Total confirmed cases: 185,716. Total recovered: 173,690. Total deaths: 4,477. Total active cases: 7,549 *Data include confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported by the Ministry of Health (MOH) since 1 March 2020 Kurdistan Region of Iraq 2020: A Vision for the Future iii The Kurdistan Region - Iraq has achieved dramatic development in the past decade. Although challenged by damage to our society and infrastructure from years of war, genocide, forced displacement, and the destruction of more than 4,000 villages at the hand of the previous Iraq

Countries have Ethnic Diversity. Kurdistan should not be independent because countries like the United States of America are known as The Melting Pot and are perfectly fine with the amount of diversity evident within the country. Yes, there is racism and difference between each ethnicity; however, all are working well together Kurdish independence referendum is a win-win for Britain and the Kurds 21 Sep 2017 , 8:15am Time for Britain to fix its mistake: how Kurdistan became part of Ira Sen. Rand Paul wants to give the Kurds their own country. The Kentucky Republican, who is inching closer to a bid for president, said Tuesday in an interview with Breitbart that he believes the U.S. should not only directly arm Kurdish fighters, but also promise the Kurds a country IRBIL, Iraq (AP) — The Kurdish independence referendum in Iraq, while non-binding, is a symbolic milestone in the Kurds' decades-long struggle to achieve statehood. The Kurds are among the largest stateless ethnic groups in the world, with some 30 million concentrated in an area straddling Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. A minority in all four countries, the Kurds speak their own language.

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I am in Erbil. The capital of Kurdistan, the northern most province of Iraq. Kurdistan is an autonomous region of Iraq. And it is the polar opposite of any preconceived notion you might have of a dangerous and chaotic Iraq. Iraq is my 100 th country that I have visited. I am on a quest to visit all 193 UN recognized countries Why Kurdistan would be a Conflict in the Middle East. The Kurds are one of the indigenous people of the Mesopotamian plains and the highlands of what is now south-eastern Turkey, north-eastern Syria, northern Iraq, north-western Iran and south-western Armenia.in these modern times, forming a distinctive community, united through race, culture, and language, though they have no standard dialect Iraqi Kurdistan Is Holding an Independence Referendum. Opponents of the vote — a list of countries that includes the U.S. — say the ballot could provoke destabilization and ethnic violence. The region is populated by Kurdish people, the 30 million of whom are spread among different countries in the Middle East. While Iraqi Kurdistan has come to be seen as the main home of the Kurdish people, many Kurds are concentrated in the parts of Turkey, Iran, and Syria that neighbor the region

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  1. Greater Kurdistan: A Work in Progress Brought to You by NATO, President Peace Prize and Israel | Opinion - Liberal Article by Banaz. 54. Kurdistan The Kurds Country Maps Alternate History Baghdad Historical Maps Amman History Facts World History. More information... More like thi
  2. ent Kurdish politician Mahmoud Othman said that Turkey is a country hostile to the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan and it has no discri
  3. Introduction. Iraq is a fast-growing multi-ethnic country of 37.2 million people (2016, World Bank) neighbored by Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.The country is home to a variety of ethnic groups, including Arabs (75 to 80 percent of the population), Kurds (15 to 20 percent), Turkmen, Assyrians, Shabak, and Yazidi (5 percent combined)

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Can an Independent Kurdistan Reshape the Middle East? By Jonathan Foreman On 07/29/14 at 7:10 AM EDT. A member of the Kurdish security forces takes up position with his weapon as he guards a. Kurdistan, Low Prices. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Kurdistan, which literally means Country of the Kurds, often appears as a country on world maps used by Kurdish militants. However, there is no such state recognised by international law

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  1. the Kurdish Peshmerga are formally recognized as a legitimate Iraqi military force under the country's constitution and have operated jointly with the Iraqi military against ISIS militants, but they also operate outside of Iraqi military command structure; the Peshmerga report to the Kurdistan Regional Government or Kurdistan Democratic Party and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan parties instead.
  2. Iraqi Kurdistan profile. Iraq's 2005 Constitution recognises an autonomous Kurdistan region in the north of the country, run by the Kurdistan Regional Government. This was the outcome of decades.
  3. ority in each one. This has left them vulnerable to th..
  4. Answer to: Why don't the Kurds have a country? By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework questions. You can..
  5. ent majority population, and Kurdish culture, language, and national identity have historically been based
  6. My Iraqi Kurdistan Travel Guide. Having been spared the war of 2003, Iraqi Kurdistan is a very different place from southern Iraq. Also known as the other Iraq, the semi-autonomous region is relatively safe, because of its strong military Peshmarga forces who have successfully defended the country from ISIS
  7. The Kurdish independence referendum on September 25, 2017 in Iraq, while non-binding, is a symbolic milestone in the Kurds' decades-long struggle to achieve statehood. Kurds voted in large.

The Kurds will have to persuade the countries in the region and the West that an independent Kurdistan will serve their strategic and economic interests as well. For example, the Kurdish leaders could claim that establishment of a state will end the struggles their forces are waging in Syria and Turkey because their main demand, for independence, will have been met Kurdish Chances for Independent Country . Posted on April 22, 2015. May 2, 2016 by Şerin. Today in Gdansk, Poland, we had a very interesting meeting with incredible persons. The meeting took place at one of our universities - Higher School of Banking (Wyzsza Szkola Bankowa WSB). The aim of meeting was to discuss very popular topic nowadays Here's The New Kurdish Country That Could Emerge Out Of The Iraq Crisis. Jeremy Bender. 2014-06-19T18:57:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an. Egide Cimo, is both a revered Kurdish musician and a memory of his society.The sound of his flute echoes the story of Kurdish people, their migration, love and wish of a free country. In this documentary he brings to you his own account of a life of expression through music

In Iraq, Kurdistan remains far safer than the rest of the country. The region's leaders are mending fences with the central government, allowing oil to flow and resources to be shared Why the Kurds seek a country of their own. Allies disagree with the emphasis on referendum as a first step to independence, but time has come to resolve the Kurdish question in Ira Kurdish leaders hope to change this on 25 September, when the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) puts independence to a vote in a referendum that could create the world's 194 th country (196 if you include Palestine and the Holy See). Although a 'yes' is the expected outcome of the referendum, with most Iraqi Kurds in. The Government's Mission. Reforms. The new Kurdistan Regional Government will create a stronger, diversified economy that delivers more prosperity for everyone. Good Governance. The new government will build a strong and outward-looking Kurdistan. Above all, it will dedicate itself to serving the people of this region. Digital Transformation

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A country is defined as a geographical area that is identified as a distinct national body. It is usually characterized by its government. Catalonia does not meet this definition and therefore cannot be categorized as a country War Comes to Kurdistan, the Place Without a Country. By Andrew Quilty On 10/6/14 at 11:30 AM EDT. After crossing the border into the relative safety of the Kurdish north of Iraq, an extended. Kurdistan: A Zionist Trojan Horse. 9 years after the establishment of Israel, the Jews have established their second state in the Middle East, Kurdistan, via referendum. Though the vote has not been officially called yet, the leader of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, has already claimed victory in the referendum as effectively all. the issues addressed in the report. It should be weighed against other available country of origin information on the situation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and other Kurdish controlled areas with regard to the security situation, the possibility for protection, the humanitarian situation as well as the access to KRI for Iraqi citizens

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Kurdish independence is long overdue. Before World War I, the Kurds were one of the many peoples of the Ottoman Empire. When the war and the Ottoman Empire ended, the Kurds asked the Great Powers. Carving a Country Called Terroristan in Kurdistan by M. Koohzad Development of the world's worst Islamist Jihadist terrorist group began with chaos of the sectarian civil war in Syria Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad . The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the official ruling body of the semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq that is predominantly Kurdish, Energy Intelligence, World Crude Oil Data, Iraq Country Profile (accessed July 2018)

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The status of Kurdish varies from country to country. Iraqi Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Province in Iran are officially acknowledged as parts of Kurdistan. However, the Turkish and Syrian governments do not recognize their parts of Kurdistan as a specific region. Iran Most Iranian Kurds live in villages, and the rest are nomadic Syria's Kurds would like to have rights and freedoms on a par with the country's Arab population, proportional representation in new government agencies and cultural autonomy (the Kurdish language, their own media, traditional clothing, observance of ethnic customs and ceremonies, the ability to socialize with fellow Kurds in Turkey and Iraq, etc.) The Kurds don't have a country of their own, in spite of there being some 30-40 million of them. (Nobody knows exactly how many.) They inhabit a mountainous region straddling the borders of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Armenia and make up the fourth-largest ethnic group in the Middle East, but have never obtained a permanent nation state. Kurdish language, a West Iranian language, one of the Indo-Iranian languages, chiefly spoken in Kurdistan.It ranks as the third largest Iranian language, after Persian and Pashto, and has numerous dialects.It is thought to be spoken by some 20-40 million people. There are three main dialect groups. Northern Kurdish—spoken from Mosul, Iraq, into the Caucasus—is called Kurmānjī; in. The Kurdish region is eventually divided among several countries. 1923 -(IRAQ) - Former Kurdish Governor Sheikh Mahmud Barzinji stages an uprising against British rule, declaring a Kurdish kingdom.

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Primary Culture is Kurdish. Is not a subject nation. Is not at war. Owns core province (s): Diyar al-Bakr (418), Arbil (4415), Mardin (4414), Baghesh (4418), and Hisn Kayfa (4417) Effect (s): Change Government Rank to Kingdom. Gain 25 Prestige. Country Change to Kurdistan. Gain 'Increased Centralization' for 20 years Kurdistan was separated into 4 regions under the Sykes-Picot and each region is occupied by a different country; Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Rojava (Western Kurdistan) is the Syrian-occupied.

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The Kurdish-led militia said the Syrian government had a duty to protect the country's borders and preserve Syrian sovereignty, and would deploy along the Syrian-Turkish border In April and May, authorities in Iraq, particularly in the Kurdistan region, exploited the COVID-19 lockdowns to put down protests and severely curtail press freedom, assembly rights, and opposition activity. Reconstruction of areas liberated from the Islamic State (IS) militant group's control continued at a slow pace throughout the year Turkey has been in conflict with the Kurdistan Workers' Party, known as the P.K.K., since it launched a violent separatist movement in the country in the early 1980s Most importantly, Kurds say, having a state of their own means Kurds will no longer be dragged into Iraq's endless cycle of violence and sectarian war that has gripped the country for many years

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Turkey's Kurds are not only winning elections in their regions but also becoming the kingmakers in Turkish politics as the country's third largest political party The Kurds are the world's largest ethnic group without a state of their own. Since their best hopes for independence were dashed a century ago, they've lived as minorities dispersed across a. Thursday, 12 January, 2017 , 16:51 There are no official and reliable statistics on the numerical importance of the Kurds in the Near East states where they live.Current estimates are based on population statistics for each department or governorate in the Kurdish majority settlement area. To this figure is added an estimate of the Kurdish population living in other parts of the country.

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Kurdish independence is coming - but the Kurds have to win it That might be seen as making up for imposing borders nearly a century ago, but the Kurds have to make their own pitch to those who. Worried that the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran would inspire rebellion in Iraq's large Shia majority, Saddam launched into the eight-year Iran-Iraq War, which killed over 100,000 Iraqis.16 Iraq's Kurds, who have never wanted to be a part of Iraq, seized the opportunity in the chaos to try to form their own autonomous country, at times receiving support from the Iranians My article last week became outdated less than 24 hours after publishing. In it, I said Syria had chosen not to ally with the SDF, who represent the Kurdish population in their country. This wa A 100-year struggle: the Kurdish fight for land and identity. President Donald Trump's decision to clear the way for a Turkish military operation in north-east Syria is being viewed by Kurdish.

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Because Kurdistan is not a country, it is not recognized by soccer's world governing body, FIFA, and therefore has no official national team for its people to support. However teams made up of Kurds have participated in tournaments for non-FIFA affiliated teams such as the VIVA World Cup and the Confederation of Independent Football World Cup The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has been a thorn in Turkey's side for decades. The group, which has Marxist-Leninist roots, was formed in the late 1970s and launched an armed struggle against. Kurdish forces in the area run detention It should speak about the illegal military presence in that country — and they need to terminate it immediately — and there are many other. In this April, 29, 2017 file image taken from video, shows Kurdish fighters of the People's Protection Units (YPG) standing guard as U.S. forces take up positions in the northern village of. There are about 1,000 U.S. troops in northern Syria, and a senior U.S. official said they will pull back from the area — and potentially depart the country entirely should widespread fighting break out between Turkish and Kurdish forces. The announcement followed a call between President Donald Trump and Erdogan, the White House said Kurdish autonomy in Iraq has also led to increased nationalist activity among Syria's 300,000 Kurds, who constitute 10% of that country's population, including scattered acts of nationalist violence. The Syrian government has responded with increased repression, which has also led to strong condemnation by Washington

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